The Great Pink Buffalo Holds PINK Fundraiser in Support of Sophie Cornellier

A few days ago, on Pinkcoin’s official discord channel, a community member came forward with a noble question for the community:
“A friend of mine (Sophie Cornellier) was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, she’s a Canadian citizen but she’s living in Puerto Rico on a sailboat. As everybody knows, treatments for cancer in the US are ridiculously expensive 6 treatments would be around 76,000 USD. Since she has been out of Canada for more than 6 month, she is not admissible for free healthcare, and furthermore, she can’t get out of Puerto Rico because of her state of health. So she’s stuck having to pay for her treatments out of her own pocket. Some friends created a GoFundMe page for her, but then I remembered about Pinkcoin, and was wondering if there’s anything this community can do to help.” -CryptoSailor
We here at Pinkcoin say there is definitely something we can do to help. As such, The Great Pink Buffalo will be hosting a PINK donation address for Sophie Cornellier. For the next 3 weeks donations will be collected, and at the end of the first donation drive the donated coins will be purchased OTC and converted into funds to be sent to Sophie’s GoFundMe page. As Sophie will be needing ongoing treatments for up to a year, the donation address will be live during that timeframe and any donations sent will be immediately forwarded to accounts set-up by Sophie to receive them. As of today Sophie’s GoFundMe page has raised 1/10th of the total needed for her to
31394864_15318416960_rreceive life saving treatments for her cancer. Lets show her that great PINK generosity that makes difficult obstacles to overcome, completely disappear. If you’d like to participate and change somebody’s life for the better today, Send PINK donations or set your Pinkcoin desktop wallets to side-stake to:
(even the smallest donation, or just a tiny fraction of your side-stakes–any amount–will help Sophie reach her goals of putting cancer behind her)
Sophie 3
More details on Sophie Cornellier’s unfortunate predicament can be found via her GoFundMe page (translated from French):

Sophie’s Fight Against the Crab

Sophie Cornellier, “aka captain of S/V Mångata”, received a first diagnosis of breast cancer less than a month ago. At first, she’s been told that it was stage 2, possibly 3. We can’t waste any time, it must be investigated: biopsy, MRI, markers…

Sophie, a warrior, decided to go for the bi-lateral mastectomy. She don’t want to take any chance. Lets remove that crab! The tattoo that will cover the scars is already chosen.

The surgery was planned for July 11th or 13th.

Monday July 10th, she met with the oncologist. News was not good. Impossible to go to surgery now.

The diagnosis is more precise. It is HER2 positive breast cancer. It is very aggressive, fast spreading and the possibility that there is cancer cells spreading in all her body is highly considered. Many tumors have appeared in the last weeks. The axilla nods are affected, the mass in her left breast is big, the right breast have at least 3 sites that will need to be followed every 4-6 months… It will take chemotherapy, something she did not want at first. The regimen that is proposed is the most up-to-date, the most effective treatment. It is called TCHP. It involves 6 cycles of injections in a Mediport that brings the meds directly into her hearth. After, depending on the response of the tumor, surgery might be possible.

The cost for the pre-adjuvant treatment, as it is called, is 76K$US.

Sophie is from Québec. She is born in Québec, grew up there, studied, worked, she pays her taxes, her 2 kids are born there. So… Why on hearth she doesn’t come to Québec to be treated, where it would be free? Why does she stay in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where the medical fees are so high?

The reason is that Sophie left the province of Québec for more than 183 days in a row and she is not outside the province to study, work or to do an internship. She is not anymore admissible to the provincial medical insurance (RAMQ) for now and the delay to be admissible is 3 months following her return. But, even before she comes back, she needs to find an oncologist that will accept to take her as a patient, will made all the recommendations to the RAMQ and will accept to follow the regiment that is already in place with the team in Puerto Rico. All this has to be done fast and most of all, we can not skip a cycle. Every treatment must be administered every 21 days. During that 3 months, she will have to cover the fees anyway.

And by the way, it is a misconception to think that the fees in Puerto Rico are more expensive, on the contrary, they are similar to the costs that are charged in Quebec for the same treatment.

But the main reason is that her condition doesn’t allow her to travel right now. It is simple, her oncologist won’t let her travel outside the territory of Puerto Rico in her actual condition.

Our only solution is to pay the fees on American soil. No other choice.

Sophie has a very good mood. She believes in her chance to be cured, even if this crab is going fast. She will go faster, she’s a fighter. The team who took her in charge is amazing and they are trying to help her as much as they can. She’s having great friends surrounding her and helping her. As a good fighter and warrior, she will defeat this crab.

After the 6 treatments, there should be surgery, followed by herceptin to complete a full year of treatment. All this together will bring the bill higher…

We would like to get 50K$ to start. We don’t ask that all the fees be covered, but it is impossible to pay the total amount without loosing everything.

That’s why this Go Fund Me page has been created.

It can be 5$, 10$ or 500$, all your donations are welcome. Together, we can reach and even surpass the goal and help save her life.

Thanks for acting quickly… Faster than the spreading of the crabs in her body. And please, share this page in all your network and on social medias. Sophie would help if it was you… those who know her, know that…

>> UPDATE <<

As of August 16th, 11,093 PINK has been raised and $100 CAD has been sent. The Great Pink Buffalo will continue accepting donations for 3 more weeks and will send out more CAD at that time.


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