Pinkcoin Summer Meme Contest 2021

Pinkcoin 2021 Summer Meme Contest 

Pinkcoin is back in action with a mammoth meme contest the likes of which has not been seen since 2019. The bounty for this contest currently stands at 30,000 Pinkcoin. A D4L Campaign will be set up to increase this bounty. If readers would like to judge this contest simply contribute 15k Pinkcoin to the contest bounty pool; it’s highly encouraged and all judges welcomed! 


Contest will be ongoing for 60 days of this post and will end at midnight UTC on August 29th. 

Memes on particular subjects regarding Pinkcoin will garner extra tips, these targeted subjects will change throughout the contest.  Stay tuned to @Pinkcoin_ for details. 

Current Judges are Meta and Spock in Pinkcoin Discord. If you’d like to judge this contest send 15k Pinkcoin into the reward pool by using @pinkcointips and tipping Pinkcoin’s official Twitter Account @Pinkcoin_ (don’t forget the underscore) 

All entries must be made on Twitter tagging Pinkcoin’s official Twitter account @Pinkcoin_ as well as hashtagging #Pinkcoin and $PINK. 

Contestants may make multiple entries

Judges cannot be participants in the contest vying for the prize

All entries must be original content. (We remember the memes from past contests fam) 

Good luck Pink Army! 

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