“Over $1,000 CAD already raised by the Pink Army to help children live better lives”

Screenshot 2017-05-21 12.56.395/19/17 by Devin Saxon. Pinkcoin is proud to present to the Pink fam, and to the crypto-community at large, our $5,000 CAD sponsorship of Cardiac Kids Charity in Canada. Brought to the Pink Army’s attention by the famed fortune teller and fortune maker, Mike Ruscetta from Pink Army Slack, Bryan Benner (CryptoRox) and Andrew Robertson (Madmax04), on behalf of Pinkcoin, immediately set out to form a partnership with Cardiac Kids to help cover the appalling medical costs of kids born with congenital heart defects– a global affliction affecting over 1% of the world’s population. With Pinkcoin’s support and Cardiac Kid’s charity work together, right now, today we can make the world a better place! Moving forward, the Donate4Life campaign charity wallet will be aimed directly at Cardiac Kids; so far over 22,000 Pinkcoin have been minted and shipped to Cardiac Kids Charity. That’s almost $700 CAD as I’m writing this post!

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But wait there’s more! On top of that, Madmax04, the mad gentlemen giving away free classic pink poker chips to the pink fam far and wide, and the Pink Army’s legendary liaison to Cardiac Kids along with the elite graphics architect of astonishment, Elypse, have thrown down an additional donation of over $700 CAD out of their own pockets to get $PINK towards its $5,000 CAD goal! That’s what we call around these parts a very Pink attitude.

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“Very excited about our partnership with Cardiac Kids; they are a great organization that raises money for children affected by congenital heart disease. The money raised goes to the Cardiology Ward at The Hospital for Sick Children. This is a great cause and we’re happy to be starting a Donate For Life campaign for them.” -Madmax04

And now a brief word from the man behind the plan, the anointed Rox of Crypto, the jolt from Zeus’s legendary bolt, and Pinkcoin’s dedicated dreamer and doer, CryptoRox:

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“After our first meeting with the cardiackids team, there was not a single doubt in my mind that this was the charity we wanted to make our donate4life campaign debut with. What they stand for, and how they achieve it, is a perfect fit for with the pinkarmy.”

Be sure to come check us out at the Cardiac Kids event, “Fore the Kids Golf Tournament” June 24th. Special shout out to OG Founder of Pinkcoin, the Prophet of Prophets, leader of the Pinkcoin Core team, CryptoCaycefor throwing down 58,000 Pinkcoin (equivalent to $1,042 USD as of writing this post) towards the Cardiac Kids Charity Wallet! If you would like to donate $PINK to the Donate4Life charity wallet please feel free to click the following portal/link: (each stake from this wallet is sent directly to Cardiac Kids Charity, continuously for life, and puts the Pink Army one step closer to reaching our $5000 CAD goal and beyond. Be apart of history! #ThankYou! #workit #cheers!)

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