Pinkcoin News Updates 2021

Riley’s Revenge D4L Campaign, D4L Use Case Testimonies 

Pinkcoin continues to be the best use case cryptocurrency for advancing charitable causes. Its latest innovation Beta.Donate.With.Pink (D4L) has delivered three campaigns of major significance to the project of late. 

What is D4L?

D4L combines Pinkcoin’s sidestaking features with a new voting mechanism. By using D4L, the PINK community votes to allocate stakes from a pool of 25,000,000 PINK to altruistic, development, and marketing campaigns of their choosing. 

What are some of the most popular campaigns so far? 

Campaigns by Tigover and RP have made major strides in proving community use cases for the D4L platform. A charitable campaign for No Kids Go Hungry has also generated major interest by D4L voters. 

  • A wallet update proposed and under development by RP, Riley’s Revenge 2.3.2, is aimed at providing wallet maintenance that will keep the Pink Network robust, far into the future. You can find more info and news updates on this wallet update here:

How can I sign up for D4L to vote and make my own campaigns? 

How to verify your wallet:

How to create a campaign:

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