“$PINK is now one of only 65 supported coins on CoinPayments.net with access to over 200k vendors in 182 countries”

Rock Meme 25/22/17 by Devin Saxon. Just when you thought there could be no more, Pinkcoin strikes again with a wave of amazing and wondrous news. Kicking us off with another headline, through CoinPayments.net the Pink fam will finally be able to purchase hot new merchandise from all the countless online shopping centers that Coin Payments has to offer. Amidst your joy be sure to leave roomso hot meme for a special shout-out to everyone who pitched in to make the dream happen, in particular $PINK’s very own dominator of donators, Ree, from Pink Army Slack who contributed $300 of the $700 needed to be accepted on CoinPayments.net, and especially the good folks over at Coin Payments for adding $PINK, one of only a few accepted crypto-currencies on their superb and exceptionally sublime crypto platform! #TY #represent

What exactly is CoinPayment.net you say? Well fret no more, details are provided below:

“We provide an easy to integrate checkout system for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin with low fees. The API is designed to be simple and provides a polled interface or Instant Payment Notification (IPN). If you have ever programmed for PayPal” -Coin Payments Official FacebookScreenshot 2017-05-22 02.01.08

Screenshot 2017-05-22 01.52.28


For additional information on the benefits of using Coin Payments and everything their services have to offer be sure to check out CoinPayments.net. Until next time, this has been your friendly neighborhood newsman–coming at you from the Pink Universe–the one and only, spicy yet sweet, Great Pink Buffalo! #SigningOff #sayonara

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