“Give-aways, contests, News Updates and more coming May 2nd”

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4/28/17 by Devin Saxon. The legend is back, the moon is lit, in heat, and awaiting the return of the Great Pink Buffalo. Taking names and kicking ass aside, Pinkcoin’s rise to glory (as expected by her adoring fans) has been considered an upset by the crypto-scene at large. It is time to shut them all down: the haters, the non-believers, the crap coin enthusiasts, let them all stand in the filth they bedded themselves with and admire what it means to be too legit to quit, too real to peel, and too cool for school. Come join us on May 2nd as we celebrate Pinkcoin’s 3rd year of life upon the world. Together we will show the riff-raff how to party like there is no tomorrow. #Yolo!


Bounties courtesy of Elypse, say hi to him on Slack

Mel PinkAnd now a brief message to all those whom doubted our rise to total victory: “If there
was no such thing as a quitter, nobody would ever have anything to regret for the rest of their lives.” -Lance Armstrong

Unlike many of our crypto-coin counterparts, thankfully the Pink fam is foreign to such failings. We’ve tasted the top of the charts while those whom have opposed us still chew their ever growing defeat; and come May 2nd we will taste the holy splendor that is divine greatness, and witness the dawning of a new age. Grand Prizes for the Birthday Video Contest include 10,000 Pinkcoins from Spock Skywalker and Metakid, along with Hitman Absolution Elite Edition and Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light courtesy of the mighty Caligo. Also, news on the future of Pinkcoin from the $PINK development team and the release of the much anticipated PINK PAPER! Be there or be square! Slack.with.Pink #Pinkcoin 

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