“Gourmet Hot-Sauce is now for sale and purchasable with Pinkcoin, order today for a special 20% discount!”

5/21/17 by Devin Saxon. Proudly brought to you by the killer of cold, the hell fire crypto chef of sauce himself, @PexPeppers, presents to you ALL NATURAL HAND CRAFTED HOT SAUCE! #Call911 #ItsGettinHotUpInHere

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pex peppers 2Our all natural hot sauces are made with all natural ingredients including hand squeezed lime juice, honey from local apiaries, and peppers sourced from American farms. We strive to bring you a staggering variety of hot sauces! Check out our Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauces if you are looking to burn along with staggering amounts of flavor! If you want a more mild sauce, why not go with BeeBOMB: Jalapeno and Honey hot sauce? Savor the flavor and feel the sting of our all natural hot sauces! From Mild To Wild, we have what you want in gourmet hot sauce.” -Excerpt from PexPeppers.com



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