“Pinkcoin is at it again with two full weeks of contests & loads of give-aways” 

Leo Pink

 5/17/17 By Devin Saxon. Kicking us off straight away with the details of our first contest, an event sponsored by the almighty graphics honcho, the eye bedazzler, the corn creamer, the one and only Elypse! Catch him on Slack Today! The contest is fast, simple, and super easy–just follow the directions at the following link:


…and you could be on your way to receiving BRAND SPANKING NEW PINK POKER CHIPS!! Crafted by the game changer guru YAKPIMP HOLLA!!

giphy-downsized .       Pasted image at 2017_05_16 11_25 AMBuy $PINK Poker Chips Today at Bitcoinpokerchips.com!

The next contest will require a little bit more thought and a pinch of altruism, in honor of Alex1239 donating over 100,000 Pinkcoins to our giveaway contest extravaganza at Pinkcoin’s birthday bash mega-party, we will be holding a one of a kind PINK MUSIC MELODY SHOWDOWN! Put your rap beats, poetry skills and all around music making magic onto full display and win BIG! 10,000 Pinkcoins will be given away courtesy of Spock Skywalker, and in true double tap fashion, HITMAN ABSOLUTE ELITE EDITION will be given away courtesy of the holy keeper, the pink beast himself, CALIGO!! #PRAISE

giphy-downsized (1).gif

Pinkcoin Music Melody Showdown Contest Details, all participants must do ONE of the following to win yuge:

  1. Create an Original Song, upload to Youtube or Twitter and hashtag #Pinkcoin
  2. Create an Original Poem, donate any contribution to our Donate4Life campaignand present it to the Pink Army on Slack
  3.   Write a heart felt message about why you love Pinkcoin, donate any contribution to our Donate4Life campaignand share it with the Pink Army on Slack
  4. Contest ends in 2 weeks
  5. Grand Prize Winner receives 10,000 Pinkcoins and Hitman Absolution Elite Edition PC Game Steam Code
  6. All participants WIN Pinkbot 50/50 Twitter Raffle Tickets! 

Sound of Music Meme

And last but certainly not least, the marveled contest raved about by all other contests: METAKID’S PINK PARADISE MINECRAFT CHALLENGE!


First, follow these three easy peasy steps to access the PINK UNIVERSE on Minecraft!

  1. If you have not already, Purchase a Minecraft Account 
  2. Download the Technic Launcher
  3. Join the Server

Secondly, once you have accessed the Pink Minecraft server, construct a fine statue, a dreamy temple to the Pink gods, or go off roading and out of the box putting all your creative juices to work–any amazing construction will do! 10,000 Pinkcoins will be awarded to the best Minecraft Construction within the Pink Minecraft World courtesy of the great craftsman of the 5th dimension, Metakid, enter the future!

(for additional Pink MineCraft Contest details see Metakid in Pink Army Slack)

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Good Luck Ladies and Gentlemen, and godspeed!