Mandatory Critical Update: v2.2.0.3 Emergency Update

Caligo CTO – A malicious entity discovered a vulnerability that allowed them to build off blocks deeper in the chain than our best BlockHeight and have them be accepted by the network, allowing them to orphan small handfuls of blocks off the top of the chain. We’re doing what we can using checkpoints right now, but we need everyone to update asap. Update takes effect at 9/19 at 7am UTC. This update adds the following consensus rules- If a block has been accepted by the network for at least two minutes and its spacing compared to previous blocks is within tolerable limits, that block and all of the blocks that it builds on are solidified in the chain and miners/stakers that build on blocks earlier than this will no longer be considered as alternatives by the network. This update takes effect on Wednesday September 19th, 2018 at 7am UTC. Everyone is advised to update before then or you will fork from the chain when these types of attacks occur. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your time and understanding. Note: No coins have been lost, this update should not require a resync. This is the primary cause behind all the recent orphans.


Step 1: Make a back-up of your wallet.dat

Step 2: Close your Pinkcoin wallet.

Step 3: Download the bootstrap from our website (

Step 4: Press Windows Key + R

Step 5: Type in %appdata%\pink2

Step 6: Delete everything in that folder except wallet.dat and stake.dat

Step 7: Create a text file called: pinkconf.txt

Step 8: Paste the following in the text file: 

Step 9: Unzip the bootstrap file and drop all files in the pink2 folder.

Step 10: Re-open your Pinkcoin wallet, and let it sync all the way.

Step 11: Once your wallet is fully synced, close your Pinkcoin wallet.

Step 12: In the pink2 folder delete the pinkconf.txt you created earlier.

Step 13: Open up your wallet again and you should be ready.


Step 1: Help > Debug Window > Console (In your Pinkcoin wallet)

Step 2: In the console enter the following command: clearwallettransactions

Step 3: Now your wallet should have everything reset (DONT freak out your coins are NOT gone, just not visible)

Step 4: Enter the following command in the console: scanforalltxns (This might take awhile, depending on your connection)

Step 5: You coins should be back after it’s fully rescanned.

(Updated title from v2.2.0.2 to v2.2.0.3 & added trouble shooter)

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